HEA Seminar on Student Engagement


I’m on the train (and failed in my duty as a customer to see any ‘unintended items’ or ‘suspicious persons’ – must try harder) returning from the HEA seminar ‘Student Engagement and Partnership in Teaching and Learning: Pedagogy or Politics?’ at Keble College, Oxford. These are a few thoughts with no particular order or logic.

‘Teaching as an active act of surrender.’ Didn’t hear the source but like the quote.

It was useful (and important) to think about the ‘why’ question – as well as the ‘why bother?’  Defining ‘student engagement’ was pleasingly difficult. There seems to be a reification of these forms of educational discourse, although there was a sense that definitions very much depend on contexts. I found myself in an infinite regress as I was thinking these definitions through, and kept coming back to what we think the role of the university is in society; and what, where or even if there are boundaries and limits to these debates on engagement.

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