Assessment and Feedback conference

Last week I was at the EARLI SIG Assessment and Feedback conference in Brussels ( Feedback is a hot topic in HE at the moment so it was no surprise to see that there are several forthcoming books on the topic. Feedback in Higher and Professional Education (edited by David Boud and Elizabeth Molly) seeks to, among other things, unpack and define the notion of feedback. Reconceptualising Feedback in Higher Education (edited by S. Merry et al), seeks to align feedback with students' learning and section three (by Margaret Price) focuses on institutional management of change.

New Perspectives on Feedback

Feedback is a hot issue in HE as NSS scores frequently report student dissatisfaction with feedback, particularly for NSS Q9:

 ‘Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand’.

So I was interested to attend the ‘New Perspectives on Feedback’ event organised by the Assessment Standards knowledge Exchange (ASKe) at Oxford Brookes University on 28th June. The theme of the day was to rethink feedback, explore and challenge common assumptions and discuss ways forward; keynotes were given by Margaret Price, Kate Wicklow and David Nicol.

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