Medicine and Dentistry

Our work with the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (BLSMD) is in two areas:

  • co-teaching writing on intercalated degrees; 
  • co-teaching and developing online resources for helping first and second years with writing short answer questions (SAQs). 

Medical degrees take five years, with a qualification at the end known as an MBBS. In their third and fourth years students can opt to intercalate, or insert, an extra year of study in a specialist field and gain an additional BSc or BMedSci. The School of Medicine and Dentistry currently offers ten intercalated degrees and Thinking Writing co-teaches writing workshops on five of these, including Experimental Pathology, Sports and Exercise Medicine and Infection and Immunity. SAQs are a form of assessment that is unique to medicine, and one that is normally more associated with content knowledge rather than writing. Common to the work in both these areas is the collaboration with staff from the sub-disciplines who work closely with us on the design, preparation and teaching of these sessions.

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