Thinking Writing Space

Seventeen students from Bullerswood School in Bromley visited QMUL to participate in a day-long ‘thinkingwriting space’, an event designed to support the students on their extended project qualifications, a significant piece of independent research taken as part of their final qualifications at secondary school. The aims of the day – developed through discussion between Thinking Writing and the lead teacher at the school – were to provide students with an extended amount of time to concentrate only on their projects without any distractions, and to think about how they were going to structure and communicate their (already extensive) research in writing.  Through a series of activities - generating questions, developing claims, organising research, and using reading productively –  students were guided to consider different aspects of their research and given time to get down to make progress writing parts of their projects. 

We received positive feedback from the students who participated as well as from their teacher, who plans to establish the 'thinkingwriting space' as a regular activity at his school.

Look at a possible outline for a day of thinking and writing. Read more about the general approach in our Writing Retreats section.

By arrangement with the QMUL Widening Participation and Access office, we also work with schools on support for the Extended Project Qualification. (EPQ).


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