A research-based approach



Since 2010 Thinking Writing has run a project to develop research-based learning in a number of modules across Queen Mary and to test our sense that a research-based learning approach might (re)invigorate writing for students by making it more purposeful and opening it up to wider audiences. Working in collaboration with academic staff, the project aims to: 

  • engage undergraduate students directly with disciplinary research practices (primary sources, field work, contextual analysis, publication practices)
  • explore the possibilities for writing

i) as a means of developing new knowledge and understanding (for students themselves, for the disciplinary field and for the wider public), and

ii) for communicating using new technologies (websites, wikis) and to new audiences.

We’ve been asking:

  • What makes an effective research-based experience for students?

  • How can writing contribute to research-based learning?

  • How can research-based learning create productive opportunities for students to write?

In the pages in this section you can read more about the thinking behind research-based learning, explore practice that has been developed at Queen Mary , and find guidance to help you think about possibilities for research-based learning and writing in your own teaching. You can also access a reading list on research-based learning


Take a look at a presentation we gave at EATAW 2012 on issues of evaluation.

Documents you can download from this page: