Case studies

What were the pilot projects about?


There were 5 pilot projects:


1. Activation of Coagulation and Inflammation in Trauma (ACIT)

Four medical students worked alongside researchers in The Centre for Trauma Sciences.

Read the case study: Case study_ACIT.pdf


2. Home-City-Street

Three students worked on a project in the human geography in collaboration with the Geffrye Museum.

Read the case study: Case study_Home-City-Street.pdf


3. QPAC: Quaternary Palaeoenvironments and Climates

Involving fieldwork and sorting and identifying ostracod microfossils, three students worked on a physical geography research project. 

Read the case study: Case study_QPAC.pdf


4. Development and evaluation of an interactive robot for virtual reality applications

Three students from SEMS and EECS worked on the development of novel robotic systems for VR based on multisensory integration. 

Read the case study: Case study_Development and evaluation of an interactive robot.pdf


5. Researching the Pathology Museum Collection

Three Students from SED carried out research on different aspects of the Museum’s collection that will add new dimensions to its online archive.