Contemplative freewriting: Staff Awayday

But we're not really away. I'm a delphinium: a toxic plant that causes discomfort and skin irritation. We're told to 'meet, have fun, share experience.' We play a pub quiz in mixed teams of librarians, counsellors, career consultants, disability advisors and learning developers. But we're not in a pub.

We get told the strategy for the next five years by The Principal. KS 3.1 is to make money, at least he's honest, and that we should vote Labour.

I ask if I can ask a question in the 'Question Time' activity in which the directors are asked questions by the audience. All the questions (and answers) have been pre-prepared, so no.

At the end of the day we're told that someone has forgotten to deliver the wine to have with the crisps.

I cycle out into the rush hour traffic.