By Students, for Students, with Students

We're delighted to have been awarded a grant by the Queen Mary Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience to develop learning resources in the disciplines - by students, for students and with students. The project taps into current thinking about collaborative relationships and the co-production of knowledge in higher education (McCulloch 2009). It will involve working students and academic staff to develop resources that can be used, especially in large and core modules, to address areas of particular challenge - for example 'troublesome' or 'threshold' concepts, scientific procedures, or presentational conventions. Students may choose to made podcasts or short videos as well as produce more traditional paper-based materials. (Our image is taken from a student video explaining Artificial Intelligence, produced on the first year 'Professional and Research Themes' module in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science). Read more details of the project here.

screen shot from student-produced video