Constellations Online Anthologies

Taught by Kiera Vaclavik in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, the Constellations Online Anthologies module aimed to support research based learning, giving students a chance to explore the theory behind, and the practice of, building anthologies within a comparative literature framework, and to help them make links to the world of publishing. Students co-designed their anthologies and combined individual and collaborative writing for the commentaries and introductions, publishing these for a general online readership.

Students's feedback particularly highlighted the role they feel the module has played in preparing them for employment - ‘I like the fact that we have a tangible piece of work that we can show employers’, on the positive aspects of successful group work  - ‘working as a group has made me think about different ways of writing’ and ‘working with others helped the project evolve and become unique’, and on how different this module is from every other one they have taken, in terms of their agency in determining what they studied and wrote and in linking into their broader subjects and degree experience - ‘ I feel this module encapsulates the ethos of comparative literature’; ‘I think this module gives an extra dimension to my entire course’.

You can browse the Costellations website here, and read more here about our other projects in research-based learning and writing.