Constellations Launch

Draper’s Bar, last night of the teaching term and, in a sense, these final year students’ last day at Queen Mary – they are feeling nostalgic for the times they first frequented this place as first years. They’ve come tonight to launch their new website developed as a part of the final year Comparative Literature module, Constellations. The site, built in WordPress, contains anthologies curated by the students around themes of their choosing - and perhaps, on this evening, they notice a rather elegiac meta-theme emerging – Mortality, Pessimism , Endings…

The anthologies each consist of six texts (poems, prose, drama, film) commentaries and an editorial survey piece. The students have worked in groups, and the writing is both collaboratively and individually produced; it’s exciting to see it published and accessible to anyone. Do take a look and post a comment:

The Constellations module was developed under the umbrella of the Thinking Writing research-based learning project and draws particularly on Guy Westwell’s design for Mapping Contemporary Cinema. You can find out more about this work in our Ideas in Practice section.