Writing for Publication

Publication is a significant measure of research success in the medical sciences, and many students who go on to practice medicine will be expected to publish. Closing the gap between writing for assessment and writing for publication has been a long-standing goal in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Originally called 'See One, Do one, Teach One', the Centre's project aimed to involve intercalating students, academics mentors and third year undergraduates learning from each other about writing. Working through the difficulties and insights thrown up by the original project design eventually gave rise to an effective strategy for supporting students to take the step of transforming writing produced for university assessment purposes into writing suitable for academic or professional publication. The original idea was to pair students who had produced good research projects as part of their Intercalated degree with experienced published academics who would act as mentors over the next academic year. In practice, legistical issues (particularly the lack of sufficient time) made this design very problematic. An alternative approach emerged when the team decided to adopt the Writing Retreat model used elsewhere by Thinking Writing, to adapt it by including the element of mentoring from experts, and to time it realistically - after exams and before the beginning of the new academic year. 

Read more details of the writing for publication project here. Read more about writing retreats

Before the Writing Retreat, intercalating students in Sports and Exercise Medicine also have co-taught sessions that address issues in writing and research including those around authorship and identity. You can read a little more about this collaborative approach here. 

Examples of published work by students who have participated in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine's retreats are: 

Jones, P.R., Barton C., Morrissey, D., Maffulli, N. & Hewings, S. (2012) 'Pre-cooling for endurance exercise performance in the heat: a systematic review', BMC Medicine 10:66

Herman, K., Barton, C.,  Malliaris, P. & Morrissey, D (2012) 'The effectiveness of neuromuscular warm-up strategies, that require no additional equipment, for preventing lower limb injuries during sports aprticipation: a sytematic review', BMC Medicine 10:75 
Row, V., Hemmings, S., Barton, C., Malliaris, P., Maffuli, N. & Morrissey, D. (2012) 'Conservative Management of Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy', Sports Med, 42 (11) 941-967. 

Documents you can download from this page: