Writing development retreat for PhDs who teach

Writing development retreat for PhDs who teach 

This is another retreat option that we run, aimed at PhD researchers who:

  • are interested in the role writing can play in developing knowledge, teaching and learning,
  • currently have some responsibility for teaching or peer support at QMUL,
  • and are writing their thesis.

This retreat follows the format of our usual writing retreats but has three aims –

  • the first is to give participants a chance to make progress on their own research writing and to offer strategies to help with problems around this writing;
  • the second is to explore ways that writing (and reading) can be used in more interesting and effective ways in teaching;
  • the third is to discuss approaches to and opportunities for supporting PhD colleagues through facilitating writing retreats and writing groups in each academic school.

The two days will involve periods of discussion various aspect of writing, its role in research, teaching and learning, focused reflection and planning, and lots of time spend trying out ideas and actually getting to grips with your own writing.

Participants will leave the retreat with practical strategies to try in their own writing and in teaching and knowledge of how to set up and run retreats and writing groups.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending a retreat like this or arranging one for the teaching associates or demonstrators in your school or department.