Editing strategies

Another way to approach language development and refinement is to encourage students to spend time working on the writing they have already produced, with activities to help them focus on particular aspects of the language they have used. Below is a sampling of  activities that we have used to do this; more detail, and more activities, can be found here in the editing strategies download.

  • Do a negative summary to aid concision and reduction of redundancy - instead of highlighting useful information (as you would, possibly, when reading an article) delete anything that is not utterly essential (see an example of this technique used in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science).
  • Look for common patterns and repetition of particular structures, verbs, citation styles, etc.
  • Mimicking the experts - using a piece of writing in your field that you admire and try to work out (a) what exactly it is that you admire about this piece and (b) what the writer does to achieve this. 

Documents you can download from this page: