August 2016

Thoughts from Wollongong (measuring the unmeasurable?) Part 1

I’m with Jim (Donohue), at the University of Wollongong, Australia, where we’re working with Emily (Purser) on understanding and sharing practices and ideas around embedding communication in the disciplines, prior to presenting our work at a symposium at the end of the week. Our discussions have been ranging over themes and ideas from our own and each other’s contexts.

Thoughts on Suzhou, China

Twenty years a pilgrim,

Footing east, west.

Back in Seiken,

I’ve not moved an inch.



A week in Suzhou, China, can really only begin to give you limited insight into such a complex culture and people. I’ve been working as an external examiner, along with 18 other staff from across the UK HE sector at XJTLU, Liverpool University’s English medium campus in Suzhou, now in its tenth year. Located in University Town alongside 42 other universities and next to an industrial park, its north campus consists of a rectangle of huge modern buildings. I’m surprised by the scale of things here (Suzhou is a small city of only 12 million inhabitants).