April 2015

Thesis Boot Camp snapshot

Squishy block image

24 participants, 1 Peta Freestone, dispensing tough love, 2.5 days to focus only on getting words down, 514 hours of writing in total, 20 pizzas, 32 ice creams, 48 bagels, 2 jars of pickles, innumerable cups of tea and coffee, 46 squishy blocks delightedly received: 23 green, 16 blue, 5 red, 2 gold, a breakthrough where a  previously un-noticed pattern emerged from the data, a realisation of how it all fits together, an almost finished first draft, a quietly muttered ‘I’ve got this’, 1 cemetery, no casualties, some tears, some stretching, 244 000 words written.

Now who wants to come to the next one...?