February 2015

Thesis Boot Camp is coming to QMUL!

Could you write 20 000 words of your thesis in one weekend? Come to the QMUL Thesis Boot Camp and find out...

Thinking Writing is pleased to offer the first UK Thesis Boot Camp, an award-wining program designed to help late-stage PhD candidates get over the final hurdle of writing up. We are lucky to have Peta Freestone, one of the creators of TBC at the University of Melbourne, coming to QMUL to lead the weekend for us, and we are all looking forward to seeing how this more intensive approach to writing can add to our existing program of writing retreats.

For more information about the Bootcamp (or to come along) have a look at our events page here.

Media & Learning Conference, Brussels, Nov 2014 - by slow blog

Lots of rhetoric and discourse about ‘The Lecture’ and poor lecturers (in both senses), who were characterised as illiterate and impoverished when it came to video and its use as part of their teaching. There wasn’t a great deal of discussion about how video is appropriate to different contexts or disciplines, or even how to teach with video. Video was just seen as a universal good in teaching and learning. If lecturers would just engage and use video then our students’ education would improve.