November 2013

Writing retreats in Barcelona

Thinking Writing invited to talk about writing retreats at The Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting (METM 2013).


You do wonder how monasteries continue to flourish. But then when you see their real estate, the financial acuity built on centuries of experience, and how they have adapted to the desires of 21st century life, it is clearer. In a new conference centre within a 12th century Cistercian monastery in Poblet, in the Prades mountains a good few miles north of Tarragona, The Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting (METM 2013), was just that, a meeting, even though in outward form it looked like a conference.


Time for a paradigmatic approach?

Interesting to read this week about growing challenges to what's perceived as an 'intellectual monoculture' in many university Economics departments. Students from Manchester University who've formed the Post-Crash Economics Society want to see more discussion in their courses of why economists failed to foresee the crisis and a shift away from an emphasis on city job's training. They are supported by academics from a number of universities whose letter to the Guardian contrasts a 'dogmatic commitment' to a single neoclassical approach in economics with 'the openness of teaching in other social sciences, which routinely present competing paradigms. A group led by Professor Wendy Carlin at UCL is apparently seeking to set out a new curriculum for the subject. I'm reminded of the work in the late 1990s of the TALESSI project led by Peter Jones and Quentin Merritt at Greenwich University.