What is freewriting?

Sometimes called 'automatic writing', freewriting involves setting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, for a timed period, often in response to a 'trigger' word or phrase. When you freewrite, keep the pen/fingers moving, don't look back at what you've written or edit; if you don't know what to write, write 'I don't know what to write' until something comes to mind.

Why freewrite?

It's a bit like going for a walk with a pen, it can help you get started, generate ideas, cope with feeling 'blocked'. Being freed from the constraints of grammar and syntax can be liberating and, paradoxically, this loose, unstructured writing can help build confidence and improve your writing.

  • 3 minutes
    4 minutes
    5 minutes
    10 minutes

Stage 1

  1. Find a phrase from anywhere.
  2. Select and paste it into the "Topic or Phrase" field opposite.
  3. Click go and start writing.
  4. Keep writing!
  5. Keep writing!

Stage 2

Congratulations on your first freewrite!

  1. Have a look at it and pick out your favourite phrase.
  2. Paste the phrase into the "Topic or Phrase" box opposite.
  3. Click to begin another freewrite based on this phrase.
  4. Keep writing!

Stage 3

OK, now you have 2 or more freewrites


  1. Cut and paste your freewrites into a text document.
  2. Use the freewrites to construct a coherent, edited paragraph on the orginal topic.
  3. And remember, keep writing!

OR ... do another freewrite until you are happy.