Sally Mitchell   

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Sally has a degree in English from Cambridge University, and  a Masters in the Sociology of Contemporary Culture from  the University of York.  Throughout the 1990s she developed ideas about the uses of language and argumentation in education through Leverhulme Trust funded research at Exeter, Hull and Middlesex Universities. In January 2001 she came to Queen Mary to work with Alan Evison on the ‘Writing in the Disciplines’ project. Over time this project became Thinking Writing.

Sally has spoken about the work of Thinking Writing in keynote presentations at a number of conferences, including Writing Development in Higher Education (2006 with David Russell), iPed: International Inquiring Pedagogies (2008, with Lisa Ganobschik-Williams), European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (2009), New England Writing Across the Curriculum (2010), the University of East Anglia Teaching and Learning Day (2014), a Symposium on English Across the Curriculum, Hong Kong (December 2014) as part of an inter-institution project 'Professional Development in Enhancing English across the Curriculum'.  

Publications on Thinking Writing

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Publications on argument, language and reasoning in post-compulsory education

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Publications on language, the arts and their assessment

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