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PhD research writing development opportunities

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year we hold many different events for PhD students and staff. This page will be updated as and when these events are available to book. 

If you would like more information on how our events run, what to expect and how to prepare, take a look at our 'What is a Thinking Writing retreat like.docx' document.

Our retreats section also has further information on the thinking behind our events and what to consider if you're planning your own retreat.

Our events are open to QMUL and non-QMUL PhD students from any discipline.

Writing/Reading Retreat - 26th Jan - fully booked

If you're not sure yet whether you'll need to be writing or reading at the end of January, this retreat gives you a chance to do both. Running much the same as our other retreats, this one-day event will enable you to make progress on your writing, your reading, or both. You'll still need to identify your writing and/or reading project(s) beforehand, and be purposeful in your work, but this retreat will give you the flexibility to decide closer to the time what you want to achieve on the day.

Writing Retreat - 6th Feb - booking now open!

This one-day retreat will give you a time and space to get away from everyday pressures, and to make progress on a writing project such as a thesis chapter(s) or conference paper. You'll become more aware of your processes around writing and use this knowledge to help you work more productively. You will need to identify a writing project beforehand, and to do a series of short tasks to prepare for the retreat. 

Writing Group

If you like the company of others when you write, you may want to sign up for our Writing Group - a group of PhD students who meet regularly in our rooms in the Mile End Library to sit down and write together. The group is non-facilitated, so no staff are present and it is up to participants how the sessions are run. If you would like to know more and/or sign up, email us ( 

Thesis Boot Camp

Our next Thesis Boot Camp will be held in April 2018.

If you'd like to know when the application process will open, and be kept informed of our other events do contact us on to be added to our email list.

Staff Events

Staff Writing Retreat - 22nd and/or 23rd Feb - booking now open!

This is an ideal opportunity to devote a whole day or two to making progress on a conference paper/article/book chapter/HEA application while teaching has paused for reading week. You’ll also have the chance to spend some time with colleagues discussing the pleasures and challenges of writing, and getting and giving feedback.

Throughout the retreats you will be supported by short writing tasks, designed to get writing started, and goal setting, designed to maintain motivation. The retreats will be held off campus but close to QMUL, in a quiet location in Bethnal Green.

You may choose to attend either on the 22nd or on the 23rd, or on both days.


If you have any questions about our events, please contact Kelly Peake or Heather Campbell